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13 Oct

Farmhouse, Which Is Better Than Hotels For Family Vacation


Each and every individual’s priority is different and unique. The lodging can range from a spacious farmhouse with guest rooms to a small ordinary hotel room. Many people opt for big villas rather than going for country hotels that accommodate less number of people. Some desire for traditional farmhouse setup to spend some quality time with their loved ones, friends, colleagues, etc.

Hotel rooms are relatively smaller as compared to the villas or farmhouse. Hotel rooms are simple and small, whereas in villas there are few guest rooms with a spacious hall or living room, surrounded by a green outfield and swimming pool. More the area, more the facilities, services, luxury and comfort.

Farmhouses often have simple yet conformable guest rooms with bathrooms and other essential equipment. Guests can stay in the rooms that are incorporated in the main building or the premises. Living room is the place where most of the people tend to enjoy in-group, plays indoor games, which lacks in ordinary hotels.

As far as prices are concerned, farmhouses charge less as compared to the hotels. In addition, the facilities are more than hotel rooms. Moreover, the picturesque of the natural beauty is more enjoyable through villas due to open spaces. On the other hand, it’s hard to explore the nature from an ordinary hotel, probably due to lack of enough space.

Farmhouses are usually built in the farm area where you can enjoy the free space by playing outdoor games and other fun activities. This facility lacks completely when it comes to hotel. Furthermore, more number of people can accommodate in a farmhouse as compared to hotels.

The conclusion of this article is that farmhouse are always better for weekend gateways than ordinary hotels. If you are looking for a farmhouse or resort in Karjat, KarjatVilla could be the best option. Karjat is one of the wonderful hill stations near Mumbai/Pune. To explore Karjat and experience the family vacation home, KarjatVilla is at your service.

KarjatVilla is a unique farmhouse with decent facilities and services. All the guest rooms in the villa are beautifully structured with all the basic amenities. Rooms are more simple yet comfortable with private bathrooms. In the living room, it has cooking facilities with necessary kitchen crockery and utensils. Surrounded by this resort, you will come across a crystal-clear swimming pool and paddy outfield, wherein you can enjoy swimming and other fun activities. One of the highlights of this villa is artificial rain dance, where guests can enjoy rain dance with some DJ music.

KarjatVilla is indeed a great choice for a picnic spot near Mumbai. It is a good value for families and groups, who are on a budget and prefer comfortable accommodation.