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8 Apr

Karjat Attractions (Places to Visit in Karjat)

Karjat is one of the most famous weekend holiday destinations near to Mumbai. Located in the close proximate to Ulhas River, Karjat is well known for its scenic natural panoramas, huge mountains, ancient caves, temples and forts. This beautiful and small city is nearly 68 KM away from Mumbai and is popularly known for people who love trekking.

Karjat is a serene and clean place that makes it one of the most popular destinations for tourists. The cool climate and scenic splendor make Karjat a place where people can relish their outings with great satisfaction and enjoyment. Karjat is also known for various adventurous sporting activities like waterfall climbing, rappelling, trekking and river rafting. Listed are the attractive places to visit in this lovely city of Raigad district:

Ulhas River
The Ulhas River is a big river that flows in the western part of India in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, which actually flows in the west direction.

Peth Fort (Kotaligad)
Also known as Kotligad, is the one of the most famous attractions in Karjat.

Bhor Ghat
Bhor Ghat has got a historical significance, because it was the ancient route that connects ports at Choul, Revdanda and Panvel on the Konkan coast with surrounding areas on the Deccan plateau.

Ulhas Valley
Ulhas Valley is a famous tourist spot that glitters with huge flowing streams of Ulhas River.

Bhivpuri Waterfall
Bhivpuri is a small town situated in Karjat.

Kondana Caves
Kondana Caves are ancient and rock-cut caves situated in the Kondana village, Karjat.

Bahiri Cave
This ancient rock-cut cave is situated roughly 600 m above the main sea level, near the Ulhas Valley.

Navra Navri Ridge
It is a scenic view and a long ridge that connects Mhaismal and Badlapur Hills with a lofty peak.

Kondeshwar Temple
Kondeshwar temple is one of the ancient elephant temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, which is surrounded by the few shrines.

Jain Temple
The Jain Temple is situated on the Mahavira-Peth Road that actually leads to Karjat railway station.

ND Studio
ND studio, also called as BIG ND Studio is one of the most famous attractions located in Karjat.

Kadav Ganapati Temple
Kadav Ganapati Temple
Kadav Ganapati temple, popularly known as Digambar Siddhivinayak of Kadav is one of the famous and ancient temples of Maharashtra.

Sai Baba Temple at Bhivpuri
Sai Baba Temple at Bhivpuri
Sai Baba temple in Bhivpuri is one of the oldest and first temples of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba.

Pali Bhutivali Dam (Blackwaters)
Pali Bhutivali Dam
Pali Bhutivali Dam is an under-construction dam, which is actually located in a small village of Karjat, Diksal i.e. near Bhivpuri.