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8 Apr

Privacy Policy


Our website and other processing operations would require users to provide their personal information to us at various points of time. This process is carried out online as well as physically, through our representative at the villa. However, such collection of information is done by us only to provide a more personalized experience to our guests. Any personal and sensitive information provided to us by our patrons will be treated as extremely confidential and handled strictly as per our information non-disclosure policy.

What kind of information is collected from the guests?

Our website or representatives would normally require you to furnish details such as:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Email ID
  • Source Destination
  • Tenure of residence at the villa
  • Identity with address proof

All such information provided by the guests is safely stored in our highly secured database system. Physical entries of such information at the villa are also later uploaded to our in-house database.

Is the information collected from users shared with other establishments?

We have a strict policy of not disclosing any speck of information about our guests with any outside establishments. This policy of ours is termed as the guest information non-disclosure policy, which is well versed by every Karjat Villa representative. Any information once submitted to us shall remain strictly in between the concerned guest(s) and the Villa, unless the matter is of national importance or required to be disclosed as per the Indian penal laws or a judicial legislation.


All content uploaded on our website inclusive of villa photographs, tariffs, food menu, textual information, design, logo, trademark, etc., is solely and exclusively under the ownership of Karjat Villa. Any kind of duplication, misrepresentation, or use without prior and proper consent shall be deemed prosecutable by law under legal jurisdiction.