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26 Jun

Karjat Waterfall – Bhivpuri, Palasdhari, Ashane with Photos

Here is some thrilling and adventures news for the Mumbai weekenders who are looking forward to relish the beauty of the nature near the Western Ghats. With famous hill stations like Lonavala and Khandala getting so congested during monsoon, the Mumbai and Pune weekenders can look for some scenic waterfalls in Karjat, a wonderful tourist place. As the monsoon’s downpour is in full throttle, huge streams and waterfalls near Karjat give the rural landscape a wonderful panoramic view. The mountains are covered with some eye-soothing green grassy fields and scattered waterfalls. Some of the popular water streams in Karjat and nearby are Bhivpuri waterfall, Palasdhari waterfall, Ashane waterfall and Kalote waterfall.

Bhivpuri Waterfall

Bhivpuri is a small town situated in Karjat Taluka, which is particularly famous for waterfall and a perfect destination for weekenders during monsoon. You can enjoy the thrill of Bhivpuri waterfall throughout the day with some amazing activities.

Palasdhari Waterfall

Palasdhari is a delightful village that is popular for its panoramic views and waterfalls. It is located just 3 kms away from Karjat railway station. Palasdhari waterfalls attract a humongous crowd for its amazingly spectacular water streams.

Ashane Waterfall

Ashane is a beautiful hamlet in Karjat that belongs to Konkan region. It is one of the nearest villages from the Karjat as well as Bhivpuri station. This village is basically famous for its spectacular waterfalls scattered around the hilly mountains.

Kalote Waterfall

Kalote is a small and wonderful lakefront town situated on the outskirts of Karjat. This village is specifically known for its active waterfall during monsoon and lakefront farmhouses.

These waterfalls in Karjat are indeed the roaring natural wonders in Maharashtra. Visiting these big and powerful waterfalls allows people to experience the electrifying forces of the nature. Indeed, these waterfalls make the connections between people and nature more strong.

To visit these waterfalls in Karjat, you really need to take time out and reside in a place where these waterfalls are nearby. KarjatVilla is the best place to stay, as it is situated just near one of the famous waterfalls of Karjat i.e. Bhivpuri waterfall surrounded by hilly mountains.

You can access other waterfalls near Karjat by staying at KarjatVilla, the farmhouse where you can experience the homestay. From this farmhouse itself, you can witness other waterfalls dispersed all around the vicinity.
For more information, you can ask the caretakers of the villa, so that you can enjoy different Karjat waterfalls and huge mountain streams. In this villa, there is a crystal-clear swimming pool, wherein you can enjoy swimming while the rain down pouring is significantly high. You can relish some home-cooked foods at this villa as well. Overall, KarjatVilla will give you the experience you are desiring for.

All you waterfall lovers, the rains have filled up the rivers, it’s the high time to pack your bags and buckle up with some safety gears for trekking to explore the adventurous Karjat waterfalls.